ESA Team DayBlog Post We have collected 4697€ during the ESA Team Day in ESTEC!


In total, we have collected 4697€ in ESTEC, including lottery tickets selling & art&craft market.

We had also a great market in EAC run by Anna, she sold items for 230€!

We want to direct the collected sum to the the Water Project in Kenya.

This project is defined and we have kicked off the first phase (4000€), in cooperation with the Stitching Pamoja. We aim at digging a well, equip it with a solar pump and build basins to store the water to face the droughts periods. This aims at making the community self sustainable and being able to cultivate their land, empowering the women which are involved in first line and also creating a small economy. In this way, the women will be able to sell vegetables and fruits and become more autonomous. The budget request for this project is around 8000€.

School in Cameron Benches and tables for Public School in Cameron


Thanks to donations of @esa family, we were able to help refurbish 4 classrooms and provide 109 benches and tables to a public school in Pitoa, Cameron. Our colleague and volunteer Dr Donny Aminou Mal Adji personally kept an eye on it 😉🚀🧐👇


Ukraine crisis relief – what have we achieved?

Thank you for the donations, collections and support

After the call for action to support the people of Ukraine through donations and collections last month, the ESA Humanitarian Relief Fund is pleased to report that four pallets of donated goods have been sent to Ukrainians in need, and €11, 000 has been donated. Thank you to everyone involved and for the generous contributions that have been made.

A total of 688 kg of goods were collected and sorted at ESTEC, with the incredible help of all the Humanitarian Relief Fund (HRF) volunteers and the YGT community. A special mention goes to Volodymyr Kudriashov and Howard Hall for all their hard work.

Four pallets of donated goods were transported to the village of Ustrzyki Dolne, a town in Poland near the Ukraine border where many refugees have been hosted since the start of the war. Thousands of Ukrainian refugees have been arriving there every day, bringing very little with them. Being located so close to the border, the townhall is also helping to give people still living in Ukraine the humanitarian aid they need.

The whole transfer from ESTEC to Ustrzyki Dolne was entirely arranged by the ESTEC Estates and Facility Management team and the ESTEC Transportation Office and was only possible because of their amazing cooperation. The pallets left ESTEC on 31 March and reached Ustrzyki Dolne on 1 April. A special thank you to Marco Massaro, Thierry Ras and the whole transportation team!

An overwhelming €11, 000 was collected – thank you! This money has been donated to the following organisations, which are actively supporting Ukrainians in war zones and refugees escaping the country:

    •    Unicef Ukraine: €3000

    •    Ocalenie: €4000

    •    Wosp : €4000

In total, €16, 000 has now been donated to the Ukrainian cause, including the initial €5000 donated to the GIRO555, plus approximately 5000€ worth of goods. Thank you to everyone who has supported in whatever way they can and to all the volunteers of the ESA Humanitarian Relief Fund.

Africa & India 

We ARE MISSING FUNDS to support two important projects by the end of June!! 



- La Maison Sans Frontieres, Children's Orphanage, TOGO, AFRICA, 

Maison sans frontières ONLUS was born in 2013 and aims to support minors in the stages of growth and development until the coming of age, providing all the needs they need while fostering their responsibility and autonomy. The Centre also provides regular support to other vulnerable habitants of the village, like female heads of household, elderly, people with physical disabilities. 

The project will be focused on:

‍    •    CREATION of 2 canals alongside the road, to channel the rainwater into the nearby river to allow access to the center also during the rainy season.

‍    •    TREE PLANTING around the Centre, to reduce the soil erosion and protect the vulnerable ecosystem.




Deprived children of Dalits, Quarry Workers, School Dropouts, Child Labourers, and children in perpetual debt slavery in 10 villages of Vadipatti Taluk in Madurai district in the state of Tamilnadu struggle with the effects of religious violence, sexual atrocities, casteism, rape and killings and now with negative impact of COVID-19 pandemic have dropped out from Schools. 

With a BACK TO SCHOOL CAMPAIGN, the VOC RURAL DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (VOCRDC) intends to provide EDUCATION to less fortunate children! 

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