How to contribute

You can easily make an ad-hock contribution quickly supporting a new project by means of using the online payment Tikkie. 

We encourage regular contributions to the Fund  via automatic periodic monthly transfers. To contribute in this way you easily initiate a monthly transfer via internet ( Click here to see procedure ), or you could go to your bank, and make a standing order to pay a monthly donation (e.g. 20 € per month) to the credit of:

ESA Human Relief Fund Fund ABN- AMRO account no.

IBAN: NL23 ABNA 0515 7876 55    BIC: ABNANL2A

Send an email to HRF Secretary (so you can be added to the HRF email distribution list)

One-off payments via normal bank transfers to the same account are of course also appreciated

The HRF committee would like to hereby encourage new people to contribute to the worthy cause of the ESA Humanitarian Relief Fund.

We would also encourage existing contributors to review/augment the sum they donate

We have presently around 200 regular donators giving an average of 15 € per month. We hope via the power of the web and general publicity to significantly raise this figure

 You can contribute whatever you want, e.g. € 10, 20, 50, 100 ... or more (or less) per month. The amount is confidential, and if you ever want to stop contributing, you simply have to go along to the bank.

 You can also volunteer to join as a HRF committee member and actively participate in the running of the HRF.

Thank you for your support!