ESA Team DayBlog Post We have collected 4697€ during the ESA Team Day in ESTEC!


In total, we have collected 4697€ in ESTEC, including lottery tickets selling & art&craft market.

We had also a great market in EAC run by Anna, she sold items for 230€!

We want to direct the collected sum to the the Water Project in Kenya.

This project is defined and we have kicked off the first phase (4000€), in cooperation with the Stitching Pamoja. We aim at digging a well, equip it with a solar pump and build basins to store the water to face the droughts periods. This aims at making the community self sustainable and being able to cultivate their land, empowering the women which are involved in first line and also creating a small economy. In this way, the women will be able to sell vegetables and fruits and become more autonomous. The budget request for this project is around 8000€.