The ESA Humanitarian Relief Fund (HRF) aims to help people in distress by raising charitable donations for relief projects in many countries. Your participation is much needed!

What HRF does

The ESA Humanitarian Relief Fund was previously known as the Natural Disaster Fund. In 2009 the name and objectives of the fund were amended to allow  to support a broader scope of relief projects encouraging auto sufficiency, like building schools, supporting educational programmes, hospitals or housing projects, while maintaining the initial objective of providing immediate and direct funds to victims of natural disasters. The ESA Humanitarian Relief Fund is not part of the corporate organisation but is an initiative taken by ESA employees. The fund was founded in 1979 and is affiliated with the Social, Sport and Cultural Committee (SSCC) in ESTEC.


One of the great benefits of participating to this ESA-wide initiative is that your contribution will not be anonymously left on the big pile of the larger charitable organisations. The ESA HRF has a committee of about ten ESA employees who have built long lasting relationships with small-scale local projects that provide good visibility and feedback. The donations for natural disasters are granted to well-established relief organisations.

Sustainability and autonomy

We ensure that support to projects is sustainable and that autonomy of the affected groups is strongly encouraged. For instance, funds providing for medical equipment were committed last year to a small field hospital in Uganda, only once a maintenance contract and the associated budget was planned for.

Review and follow-up

Donations to larger organisations are made if a specific project can be associated with available funds. In this way, it is possible for the organisation to report back to the committee and explain how the money was used. Such reports are published in our newsletters to explain how contributors' donations were spent. Some of the well-known organisations that have received donations can be found in our Humanitarian Organisations list. (click on HRF contacts at top of page)

ESA Humanitarian Relief Fund Annual Presentation & Charity Lunch

Thursday 8th of November

You are all invited on Thursday November 8th for the ESA Humanitarian Relief Fund annual presentation in Aj021, starting from 12h to 14h.

We will present the projects funded in 2018 and our goals for 2019!

We are also very proud to host several organisation which will describe their projects &achievements.


12.15h ESA Humanitarian Relief Fund Introduction & projects funded in 2018 -  C.Lombardi/J.Ramachandran

12.30h ESA Annual Survey - Stéphane Veillat

12.45h A child a tree in Niger - F.Bausier

13.00h Marfer - L.Robbins

13.15h Project Africa - British School

13.30h Nosy Komba - P.Crouzet

Snacks and beverages will be served.

Friday 9th of November

On Friday 09.11, the ESA Humanitarian Relief Fund invites you to donate 1€ or more in all ESTEC restaurants while paying for your launch! Support US!

On both days we will have a stand in the Main Canteen, Wintergarden, from 12h to 14h, please come to visit us! We need more volunteers :-)